Monday, 4 November 2013

Rooftop Project : Part 2

So after a very solid 4 weeks of work my rooftop was fully completed and handed in on Friday. It’s been a tough 4 weeks, but I've really enjoyed using CryEngine and I believe it was the best engine for the job. Using it has also confirmed that it’s the engine I want to use for my final major project.

I believe my initial idea from the whitebox/concept was carried through to the final stages relatively well. But there were some issues I overcame along the way.

One of the most time consuming problem I had with the project was learning the engine. Even though I used Cry Engine a bit for the group project last year, the main bulk of that task was for another team member, so the rest of us didn't have as much knowledge for the engine. This led to many issues which took up a large amount of time trying to problem solve. Luckily I thought that this might have been the case so I did plan for these issues to crop up, giving myself a buffer of a few days before hand in. Most of it was learning to export models/materials, material set up within cry and lighting.

One part of the brief was to make the level interactive for the player. My original plan was to have the player run up to the switch on the radio tower and turn it on, while doing so lights would turn on and sparks would fly out. But given the time limitations and limited knowledge with the engine it made it very difficult to do so. Another part I would have liked to add was a little town setting around the building, because at the moment the building is just in the center of the desert which kills immersion when you look out from the rooftop. I do have 2 256 maps left which I would like to use for these LOD buildings and particle effects if I am given time to polish the level.

I’m very happy with the quantity and quality of my texture work, every texture was baked from a highpoly model, which was very time consuming but it paid off. One thing I really wanted to get across to the player/user was the building was recently the host of a large fire fight. The floor littered with debris, bullet casing and ammo boxes along with the walls peppered with bullet holes and cracks really sell the situation.
Part of the brief mentioned that the level should catered towards a 3rd person shooter and as we know, one thing all shooters need is cover to hid behind. I tried to make this as context sensitive as possible by having large army crates, sandbags and flipped tables/chairs as potential cover for the player.


Final screens:

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