Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Character Project : Part 3


I’m very happy how this project went. I was partly apprehensive because half the project had to be done over Christmas, which I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of free time, but I managed my time well. I learnt new techniques and bits of software which I plan to use again. It wasn’t all plan sailing though as I did run into a few problems along the way.

Looking back onto my concepts I feel like I followed them pretty closely and the end result looks very similar to it. But my original plan was to have 2 holsters with their contents, one to carry the bow and another to carry the arrows. But as time progressed through Christmas I realised I didn’t really have time to produce another one along the arrows and bow. I feel like I could have produced them but as a consequence I would have rushed everything else making the overall character have less polish. But I think I made the right decision to have less accessories but more overall polish.

With previous character projects I always felt like i fell down when rigging, so I wanted this one to have good deformation. Along the modelling phase I tried to keep how it would deform in mind, such as adding extra loops on the shoulder pads (which paid off in the end). But I did have a major issue with the skirt. If you look back to my concepts you’ll see that the skirt actually goes all the way down to the ankles, but when presenting this idea I was told it wouldn’t work well when rigging. So I made a slight change and brought the skirt up to the knees, thinking this would be enough. But after rigging it and animating the legs moving apart the stretching becomes very obvious in the center. In hindsight I should have but some extra loops down the center of the skirt.      

One thing I was a bit iffy about and something I was told about when presenting my idea was in my moodboard the warriors in their armour looked very wide, which wouldn’t translate well on a female. But I think I did a good job, the character looks feminine. I did this by exaggerating female anatomy through the armour – having wide hips and a narrow waist.

Im very happy about everything else though. I really felt like a nailed the surface properties (metal looks like metal, leather looks like leather etc.). Im glad I attempt the shells technique for the fur, I think it came out pretty well.

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